Gear up for the fastest Internet Connection available from NBN



Are you suffering on account of slow internet connection? Well, you could soon enjoy the fastest internet available in Australia even sooner. As per the nbnco website: “Final approval has now been granted for a landmark deal that will enable the acceleration of the rollout of the nbn network and its completion by 2020. This means nbn is now in a position to progressively take ownership of Telstra’s copper and Hybrid Fibre Coaxial cables (HFC) and use those assets where they represent the fastest and most cost-effective way to deliver fast broadband to families and businesses.

The deal, which was struck in December last year, involves no overall additional cost to the taxpayer

The latest broadband roll-out plan by NBN will see a number of homes and offices not just in cities, but also in rural Australia enjoying high speed internet very soon. The national internet service provider has been pretty busy offering connections to thousands of premises across the country. NBN is taking it one city or town at a time and if it hasn’t reached your region yet, it will soon. The question here is - how prepared are you for this high-speed internet, which will connect you to the network dubbed as the "information superhighway".

Are you ready?

NBN aims to offer each and every household in Australia access to high-speed internet by 2020. So far, it has covered approximately 400,000 businesses, and homes are already enjoying the fast broadband connection offered by NBN. If the network has not already reached you, check NBN's website to figure out when the network is scheduled to reach your area.

Whenever it does, you need to be ready with the right hardware and equipment. Lack of the right equipment (e.g. your internet router) is one of the reasons that 430,000 odd households and offices that can make the most of NBN's high speed internet, are not yet connected.

Get the right Wi-Fi router

If the NBN is already available in your area and you have found the best internet plan to suit your needs, all you need is a router that will enable you to make the most of the available high speed. NBN can provide you with a router that meets the necessary requirements, you can use your current router (check that it’s compatible) or you could shop around for a different option that may be more suited to your needs, such as one that includes extended WiFi range, VOIP capabilities and most importantly, a WAN port rated to support at least 100Mbps connections and ideally, 1000Mbps connections.

One of the options you could look at is the ASUS AC2400, which allows you to experience the NBN "fast" internet as "fast" as it should be. To be able to use this router, your system should support the 802.11ac wireless networking standard. Most of the latest laptops and PCs do support this, but if yours doesn’t, you can always get an 802.11ac adapter. For instance, Asus offers the ASUS USB-AC55 adapter for laptops and AC1900 PCI-E adapter for PCs. These plug-in adapters allow you to get high speed Wi-Fi signals from the AC router and let you experience high speed internet as it should be.

With the NBN fast internet and the Asus AC2400, you can enjoy seamless movies and TV shows on your Netflix account. In fact, all of Australia can enjoy seamless movie streaming with this new broadband network. All you have to do is get the right equipment to pull out the maximum potential.

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