Advancements in Home Automation Systems and How it Simplifies Your Life

Home automation, in essence, is a technology that integrates with various electrical systems in your home to provide convenient and complete control over them. While users are relieved from the tasks that previously required manual control, home automation provides enhanced comfort and security to your household. Automating your home gives you peace of mind while simultaneously making life easier for you. Also, it makes your home security system more reliable and reduces the likelihood of human errors. But what does a modern home automation system actually do?

The trends in home automation continue to change as the industry expands every month. In fact, there is no lack of options for people who wish to build a smarter home. As the industry advances and integrates more and more technology, smart homes can even accomplish tasks like watering your lawn, monitoring your thermostat, and even making sure that you never have to worry about home security again. But even with such advancements in technology, is home automation worth considering? How does home automation help you on a daily basis? Can automating your home really simplify your life the way it promises?

Advancements in home automation

Home automation systems are getting better. With every other electrical appliance getting more and more smart features everyday, it makes it easier for your system to interact with your home. Apart from just working with home-based devices, home automation systems need to get more energy efficient and secure for people to trust them enough. Due to which, various new trends can now be observed in the home automation industry. Here are some advancements that the home automation industry is working to get better at.

  • Efficient energy management : One of the most recent trends in home automation involves efficient energy management. Utility companies can now provide you accurate information about your peak energy consumption hours, letting you keep a track of your energy usage and make appropriate adjustments. Managing the energy spent on automating your home is crucial in the long run. That is why, several new technologies in home automation revolve around the idea of efficient energy management. While you may wish to make your life comfortable and reduce the need for manual efforts, make sure it doesn't cost you a fortune.
  • Better integration : Latest technologies in home automation are looking forward to a better integrated system where all the automation features are inculcated into one central unit. There is no longer a need to perform different tasks individually. Door locks of every room in your house can now be connected to one single command.
  • Emergence of radio frequency communications protocols : Coupled with better integration and complementing the purpose of efficient energy management is the emergence of RF communication technologies like Zigbee and Z-wave. Z-wave is an interoperable and wireless protocol that enables you to access your Z-wave devices at home from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or PC. Such advancements have certainly brought in a more affordable, reliable and easy-to-use approach to home automation.
  • Wireless automation : With wireless technology reaching new heights every other day, home automation has not been left too far behind. With the recent advancements in the market, it is no longer a necessity to use complex hard-wiring to connect your system and appliances. Almost every function can now be automated wirelessly. In fact, top-notch home automation systems have become even more streamlined and most of them can now respond to verbal commands as well.
  • Security monitoring : Security monitoring is one of the biggest steps home automation industry has taken towards development. Advanced sensors inside the system now allow you to monitor movement and behavior of residents in the house. The system can also warn you of any abnormal activity inside your home. In fact, intricate and more advanced home automation systems (like the one by Hartsco) even allow home owners to view or monitor every room inside the premises and communicate with people present in different rooms. At the very basic, an advanced home automation system can notify you about your kids coming back from school and entering the house.

How home automation can simplify your life

Apart from just making your life more comfortable, automating your home also improves your home security by making it more efficient, reliable and time-saving. From locking all doors at night to turning off the lights when nobody is around, home automation eases your everyday life by providing you more control over your home. Here are a few ways how an advanced home automation system can add simplicity and comfort to your life:

  • 24x7 access to your home : Home automation allows you to know and control who enters your home and what they do. Keeping a check on your house even when you're not at home is a technology most welcome to almost every home owner, especially parents.
  •  Homes with better security : Home automation  not only allows you to disarm or re-arm your alarm system, but it can also send you alerts about events like when the smoke detector is turned on or when the alarm goes off. With an advanced home automation system in your home, you can be comfortable about leaving your home ensuring that it is well protected.
  • Lighting and home entertainment systems: With just a smart phone or laptop, you can easily control the lighting systems in your home from virtually anywhere in the world. You can turn the lights inside your house on, before you enter your driveway. Home automation also allows you to control various remote operated systems in your home including music systems, DVR and so on. So even when you're having dinner in your dining hall, you can effortlessly command your home system to record your favorite show while you finish your meal.
  • Smart energy conservation : One of the best features of an advanced home automation system is that it allows you to automate various electrical appliances in your home. It allows you to monitor your HVC system or the thermostat and warns you when they are not kept at pre-set levels. You can automate your home appliances to shut down at certain times during the day and save a lot of money by prioritizing energy conservation.

With a long list of benefits that a home automation system offer home owners, it is no surprise that such systems are increasing in popularity by the day!